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Camino Lonquén Norte - Paradero 1 Calera de Tango, Santiago - Chile, E-mail:

Our company consists of professionals committed to sustainable development, and a philosophy that Excellence in Productivity starts with preparing the fields, planting and maintaining up to commercial production and continues in the manufacturing process of the fruit until it reaches the various markets. In this process, special emphasis is given to Corporate Responsibility, striving to maintain best practices in Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.


La Rinconada directly employs about 70 persons and the general management is headquartered in the community of Calera de Tango.


La Rinconada invests in its orchards, not only to ensure their proper maintenance, but also to carry out a constant program of Research and Development in order to maximize production and productivity, while being attentive to investment opportunities in new fields that will ensure an increase in long-term production according to our vision.